Club Maccabee

Club Maccabee is a specially designed program to assist in the efforts of Congregations and Outreaches to teach Jewish children the truths of Scripture in a fun Jewish environment. Like the Maccabees of Jewish history, we want children to learn to stand up for God!


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Program Format

Club Maccabee is designed to be a 25-week program conducted during the regular school year for K through 6th graders. The Club format lasts one and a half hours and is broken down into three basic components:

  • Chavurah (Fellowship): This time is for singing, Hebrew language instruction and learning basic Jewish Education. We want these children to have a strong Jewish identity!
  • Mischak (Games): Time for fun games and activities is included to help those who need to burn off some energy. We want these children to have lots of fun!
  • Midrash (Study): Scripture Study based on each year’s curriculum is the core of this time. Memorization of two verses, one from the Hebrew Scriptures and one from the New Covenant, is included as well. We want these children to have a solid knowledge of the Scriptures!


We know that it can be tough to find Messianic Jewish educational materials for children. Because of this we have made each yearly Club Maccabee curriculum a complete package (visual aids ordered separately) with everything included to run a successful club:

  • 20 Scripture lessons (visuals keyed to Betty Lukens Flannel Graphs)
  • Laminated Scripture & Hebrew Memorization Cards on key rings.
  • Holiday Lessons for Chanukah, Passover and Purim
  • Game & Activity Instructions
  • Award certificates
  • Children’s Siddur & Jewish Education


The full Six Year program has been designed as a comprehensive and chronological survey of the Scriptures, covering all major sections from Genesis to Revelation. Click on each one for a sample: