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Who We Are

Devar Emet Messianic Jewish Outreach focuses on meeting the spiritual needs of Jewish young adults, teens, and children, first through our personal active outreach and mentoring, then through developing our expertise into programs and materials made available for others to use. 


Link to our synagogue: Devar Emet Messianic Synagogue

Our Name

Devar Emet” is Hebrew for “Word of Truth” and reminds us of God’s calling for this Outreach. Messiah Yeshua said of Himself, “I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6, JNT). We desire to be used by God to proclaim to all who will hear, and especially to our Jewish People, that Yeshua is the true King Messiah, and that only through him is man able to have a true relationship with God.

Messianic Jewish” reminds us that as Jewish believers in Yeshua we must continue to actively identify with our Jewish People. We also must clearly relate the truth of Messiah: Yeshua came as the Jewish Messiah for the Jewish People as well as for the rest of the world!

Outreach” reminds us that we focus on reaching out so that Jewish People will have the opportunity to hear and consider the truth of who Yeshua is: the promised Jewish Messiah.

Our Faith

The ABC's of Messianic Jewish Faith (article for Download)

We believe that the Scriptures in their original manuscripts are fully inspired by God, without any error, and are the final authority for believers.

We believe that there is only one God, and that this one God has made himself known to mankind through the mystery of His Tri-Unity: God has expressed himself to mankind as the Father, the Son, and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). 

We believe in the absolute deity as well as the full humanity of Yeshua, the promised Jewish Messiah. We believe in HIs virgin birth, His sinless life, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection from the dead, and His current intercession for believers. 

We believe that man was originally created sinless, but fell because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Thus, all creation has been brought under the condemnation of sin.

We believe that man is saved through repentance and faith in the finished work of Messiah Yeshua, and that this salvation is through grace alone.

We believe that the present work of all believers in Messiah Yeshua is the worship of God, the discipling of believers, and outreach to the unbelieving world. 

We believe in the personal and bodily return of Messiah Yeshua when He will take up the throne of his father King David and establish his glorious Kingdom with Israel as the leader of the Nations. 

We believe Messianic Jews have the freedom in Messiah to continue in their identity as Jews by practicing their unique Biblical and cultural heritage. This should be done authentically as a lifestyle choice, not for spiritual merit, nor simply as a tool for outreach. 

Our Values

We value strategic outreach balanced with bold teaching; therefore, we strive to develop fully committed Jewish followers who will be able to also teach others.

We value the essential role of local Congregations in Outreach; therefore, we help believers to be effective witnesses of Messiah Yeshua as well as teach about the Jewish roots of the Scriptures.

We value the resources that God provides for us; therefore, we prioritize the effect use of God's resources to maximize our Outreach.

We value excellence and quality of work; therefore, we seek excellence in our Outreach efforts, doing all our work for the glory of God alone.